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Former professional Overwatch player and streamer, AverageJonas resigns his contract with Team Liquid. The star will be staying with the team till 2024 for now.

About AverageJonas

AverageJonas joined Team Liquid as a content creator this January and has been a fan favorite ever since. The streamer rose to fame on Twitch with his insane Sova dart lineups. The streamer has 558k followers on Twitch and 299k subscribers on YouTube. He has streamed games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, New World, and of course, Valorant.

It didn’t take him long to serve as a commentator/analyst in the Valorant pro scene. His commentary debut took place at First Strike Europe along with the likes of Pansy, Lothar, MitchMan, and hypoc. His attendance at the event was a bit of a surprise as Riot asked him to serve as a Broadcast Talent there just 24 hours before the tournament began.

Change of Career

Average Jonas wasn’t always a professional gamer. His YouTube career started as a singer covering artists like Lorde, Imagine Dragons, and Bruno Mars. No wonder Jonas is this good behind a mic, both as a streamer and a broadcast talent. The streamer still sings on stream from time to time.

Average Jonas Valorant Tournament

Average Joe is currently running a Valorant tournament on Twitch. Partnering with Apeks, some of the best teams of Northern Europe will compete for $5000 USD. The Grand Finals of the tournament will be held later today. You can watch the tournament stream right over here.

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