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888Sport is one of the main bookmakers out there for traditional sports like football. However, they’re also active in esports. They offer esports betting on a number of the biggest competitive esports games out there. Once you get through the 888Sport log in, you’re going to have the chance to bet on any popular esport that you follow. However, with so many different esports bookmakers out there, how do you know you’re using the right one?

There is a lot that you need to look for, something more than just the general feel of the site. Roughly, you can break it down to your user experience, security and payments, good odds, better bonuses, and what games you can actually bet on. So how does 888Sport bet stack up?

888Sport Review – Esports Betting

User Experience and UI

The user experience for 888sport is clean and focused, but with quite a bit of flair. The layout of the site features a lot of easy to interact with buttons and divisions, but this doesn’t slow down the UI. actually getting around the site is simple and performance issues are rare. Even on mobile, the design and usability scale great.

The information on the site is easy to find, however, there is a bit of a drawback for esports betting specifically. After you go through the 888Sport log in, you’ll need to navigate to a full A-Z of sports before finding esports. Every event is just listed under esports in the site’s catalog.

This makes it difficult to filter out to find the exact game that you’re looking for. It can be frustrating if you’re trying to compare odds for events, having every esport game mixed in together. This is easily worked around with the search function. However, it is a pretty annoying design error to separate esports and traditional sports after the 888sport log in.

Payment Methods Available

888Sport offers a lot of different payment methods. For cards, you’ve got the choice of normal debit, Apple Pay, and Qiwi virtual cards. Credit cards are unavailable in places where gambling on credit is off-limits, like the UK. This isn’t an issue with your 88sport log in, it is just the regulation where the site is licensed. For E-Wallets, you can use EcoPayz, MuchBetter, NETeller, PayPal, Skrill, Nordea, iWallet, and Pay for Fun. This spread of e-wallets covers the most used but also some more niche options.

On top of these 888Sport actually has support in place to even use prepaid cards, if you’re looking for a high level of privacy. Then there are wire transfers, online transfers, and instant bank transfers online if your bank supports it. All in all, this is a pretty big spread of payment options once you get through the 888Sport login.

The only real drawback for 888Sport Bet here is the absence of crypto. Although, betting in crypto is a niche market at the moment. If you live in a region where PayPal is offering crypto, you can use that for a workaround. Although, you would have to change it for fiat for a brief moment while you deposit. This isn’t exactly essential though, and 888Sport measures up pretty well against the competition here.

Live Streaming and Live Betting

On 888Sport, you can access a fairly decent quality stream of most games right on the platform. While it doesn’t hit the same quality as an official Twitch stream, it is just as good as most other bookmakers. Live betting is what can really add appeal to the in-site stream though.

888Sport’s live betting and cash-out features let you place bets part way through a game and cash out at a slight profit if you’re losing confidence in your wager. Once you’ve progressed through the 888sport log in, you can watch a match and adjust your bets to what you’re seeing.

Security and Licensing

Something that’s quite important when choosing a bookmaker is their security and their license. 888Sport is a well-known and secure website that you can rely on to honor any withdrawals and wins. It is licensed in Malta and Gibraltar. So they’re conforming to UK and EU regulations for gambling licenses. While this might not sound like much, these are some of the stricter requirements for customer safety. You can also check their policy pages to see their disclaimers on spyware, privacy, and cookies.

What Esports Games do 888Sport Cover?

The markets and different games available are important for an esports bookmaker. If you’re looking to bet on Fortnite or just check the odds for CS GO betting, a good spread of esports games gives you the widest array of options. Like a lot of traditional sports bookmakers, 888Sport doesn’t offer the biggest variety. Although, they cover the biggest esports tournaments for the main games. These are the primary markets that they cover:

  • Dota 2
  • KOG
  • CS GO
  • Rainbow Six
  • LoL
  • CoD
  • Overwatch

As mentioned above, you might need to search out some of these games! Since they don’t divide by title, you’re going to need to check the esports section as a whole or run a search. This does mean that smaller games and tournaments will pop up from time to time, although the interface can make actually spotting them tricky.

Esports Betting Odds – 888Sport

Esports can be unpredictable, so the odds offered are sometimes better or worse depending on which bookmaker you use. The comparison of odds is a great way to look at overall value for a bookmaker, and how much you’ll get if your prediction is right. This is how 888sport compares:

In a typical Call of Duty game, 888Sport bet was offering odds of 1.53 on the favorite and 2.35 on the other team. Another major sports and esports bookmaker is offering 1.5, and 2.3. An esports dedicated bookmaker was giving odds of 1.4 and 2.4. So 888Sport bet isn’t offering dramatically better odds, but they are an improvement. While just a marginal change, that small raise in odds that they offer would add up several bets.

Verdict – 888Sport Esports

8988Sport has its pros and cons as an esports bookmaker. The user interface is flashy, well functioning, and makes using the website a simple experience even if it is your first time betting. Their esports-specific interface though can make things into a bit of a jumble. Outside of that, they offer a decent spread of games with odds that are a little above what’s average in the market. Alongside some great 888sport esports bonuses, you’re getting a good price and payout when using this intuitive site.

While the esports dedicated side of 888sport isn’t as committed as you’re going to find elsewhere, you’re getting the benefits of a large and established bookmaker. That means a lot of variety in payments, quick and easy to access customer service, along with added features like decent streams and live betting. That’s along with great security. So while 888sports doesn’t cater as specifically to gamers as some, it is definitely one of the better sites for betting and esports betting too.

4.5 rating

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