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Arcanebet is a newer bookmaker for sports, but in terms of esports-focused websites, they’re one of the older outlets around! This site covers sports, esports, and casino games. However, their esports section in particular is pretty well developed. They were one of the first bookmakers to really start to focus on esports. When you look around the site, you’re going to see this focus on the show. However, just because a site has a fleshed-out esports section, it doesn’t mean they’re the best esports site available. This Arcanebet review covers what you need to know, and if Arcanebet is a good choice for you.

Arcanebet Review – Esports

User Experience and UI – Dedicated Esports Experience

One of the most important things in choosing a bookmaker is how the overall user experience is. The UI and functionality of the site are important. Even if they have great odds and bonuses, you’re not going to be able to use them if the site doesn’t work well. Thankfully, Arcanebet has a pretty useful layout when it comes to esports.

Here, esports is in a dedicated section. Once you head in, each of the different games covered is divided into its own category. This allows you to filter entirely by the esports game that you follow, like going to Dota 2 to find Dota 2 betting. This section also contains the promotions and information that you’re going to need. Essentially, if you’re betting on esports here you don’t have to search through a lot of regular sports to find everything you need.

The Arcanebet layout is easy to use and puts esports at the dead-center of the experience. That’s important for an Arcanebet review or those looking at esports specifically.

Payment Methods Available

Arcanbet offers a good variety of payment methods for users. You have credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a bit more niche, but Arcanebet is a great place to go if that’s what you’re looking for. There’s also SkinPay if you’re looking to keep everything related to gaming.

The variety of methods available here means that pretty much anyone can have their pick of how to deposit and withdraw. This is a major plus in an Arcanebet review. Crypto and SkinPay isn’t for everyone, but it is great to have the option.

Live Streaming and Betting on Arcanebet – Review

Arcanebet offers both in-play betting and live streaming. Their live streaming set-up is quite a bit more robust than you’re going to find elsewhere. However, like most bookmakers, this stream isn’t quite up to the quality that you’re going to find on an official Twitch stream.

They also offer live in-play betting. This allows you to adapt to changes in a game on the fly. You can make bets while a game is still ongoing, and try to capitalize on developments in a team’s performance over the course of a match. Odds in live betting can fluctuate quite a bit, so watch out for changes. On the whole, their live facilities are great for an Arcanebet review.

Security and Licenses

When you’re choosing an esports bookmaker, it being secure is a pretty important factor. ArcaneBet offers some great security. If you look around places like trustpilot you’re going to find plenty of customers to assure you that your money is safe on this site. However, what about how well they actually run? Bookmakers have to be licensed to operate, this ensures that they’re complying with rules about fair payouts and keeping your finds secure. Arcanebet’s is licensed in Curacao. This is a pretty common licensing location for esports-focused bookmakers, so you’re going to see it a lot.

What Esports Game Do Arcanebet Cover?

Arcanebet is an esports bookmaker, so you’re going to be able to bet on the vast majority of esports games here. Their options go way past the top games that you might see elsewhere. These are the top titles and markets that they currently cover:

  • CS: GO
  • DOTA 2
  • LoL
  • CoD
  • KoG
  • Starcraft II

From time to time, Arcanebet will offer different games depending on what’s happening. So if there’s a big esports tournament happening it is worth checking to see if they’re expanding their coverage for it. For these big games though, you’re going to be able to bet on most events for them. An Arcanebet review has to cover this benefit, their selection is smaller but coverage is pretty wide for them.

Arcanebet Esports Odds

Being able to bet on all of the games you follow is great, but what about odds? Odds are the thing that actually determines what your payout is going to be. Esports is a fairly emerging market for betting, so quite often bookies will have pretty different odds. These matches can be tricky to predict. So ideally you should be looking for a betting site that offers you the best possible odds. Thankfully, these odds are pretty easy to compare.

Arcanebet’s odds stack up pretty well against the competition. In an upcoming CS GO game, the favorite to win is at 1.62 odds, and the other is at 2.32. A major traditional sports betting site is offering only 1.57, and 2.25. Another big esports dedicated site is similarly offering 1.6 and 2.1 on their odds. While some of these odds are only marginally different, you’re getting the best overall deal with a site that offers great odds like these. Arcanebet are beaten on one of those choices, but across the whole spread, they’re easily ahead.

Verdict – Arcanebet Review

Arcanebet is a bookmaker that offers a lot for players looking specifically for esports. The site is well functioning, and specifically designed for use in esports betting. You’re able to bet on the biggest esports games, and you’re going to get better odds than normal.

The main drawback for Arcanebet is a slightly limited selection of games. However, they have the security, payment options, and features that you’re going to find with more established traditional sports bookmakers. In all, Arcanebet offers the features of an esports-focused bookmaker with the security of an established traditional sports site.

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