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Betway esports is one of the more robust betting platforms out there for competitive gaming. The site has a great overall feel, and generally is some of the most polished ones out there. However, a great esports bookmaker has to go a bit beyond just a polished experience. You need to look at the odds they offer, features, how you can pay, and the overall security of the site. This Betway review covers how this site compared to the competition.

Betway Review

Betway Review – The User Experience and UI

One of the biggest benefits of BetWay esports is the polished UI and the overall user experience. The website is sleek. It functions better than a lot of other sites, and quite comfortably. The website has a fun feel which can make betting a bit more of an engaging process. In terms of actually finding what you’re looking for, there is a dedicated esports section. In the top categories esports is given its own dedicated site, like casino or sports betting.

Once you’re into the esports section, you’re going to find everything you need fairly easily. Games are divided rather than all grouped in. You can easily find trending events, or look specifically at one title. Bonuses and boosts are put pretty centrally in the UI too.

The overall user experience is really polished in Betway Esports. The website runs well and is nicely designed. It stands out from the crowd of esports bookmakers in this category.

Betway’s Payment Methods Available

Your choice of bookmaker is partially limited by the available payment methods. You need to be able to make a payment in the form that’s convenient to you. Betway Offers the majority of the basic payment methods out there. You can use standard cards like Visa or Mastercard. That’s along with online tools like Paypal,  Neteller, and Rapid Transfer.

Betway doesn’t include some of the weirder deposit options. You can’t use cryptocurrency here. However, for most people, they’re not particularly going to miss these options here. The payment methods available are pretty good for a Betway review, but there’s room for improvement.

Live Streaming and Betting on Betway Esports

Live streaming and live betting can be a great way of monitoring a match in progress while esports betting. So if you’re looking to bet on a CS GO game, you can stream the match and live bet as it plays out. The live streaming on Betway esports isn’t up to the quality of official streams, but it is a pretty robust option.

The live betting on Betway esports allows you to place bets and modify your existing bets throughout a match. If you time things right, you can take advantage of changing odds to get a better or early payout. However, odds change fast when things are in play. The live streaming on this site is set up to help you do this, so in a Betway review, it has to be said that all of this works pretty well.

Security and License

To operate a bookmaker, every website needs to be licensed and regulated. It is this which means you can trust that you’re getting a fair payout from the odds and that the bookmaker is handling your funds properly. Betway is licensed differently depending on where you’re betting. They are mainly licensed by the Malta authority and the Britain Gambling Commission. All of this means they’re conforming to pretty strict guidelines, so you feel pretty secure in using Betway.

What Games Does Betway Cover?

Esports is a pretty broad label, and a decent esports bookmaker needs to be operating in a lot of different games. Betway esports covers a lot of esports games, going way beyond the basic list you’re going to see in most places. These are the main games and markets that you can bet on here:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft 2
  • Valorant
  • King of Glory
  • Rocket League
  • CS GO

These are the main games that Betway is offering betting on. However, this does depend on what events are going on. Betway expands its coverage to different markets from time to time, so keep an eye out. As far as this Betway review goes though, they offer a decent spread of big events all the time.

Betway Esports Odds

Odds are one of the most important factors for a Betway review. It’s what determines how much you can make from being right in a game. You need to be getting good odds, or you will be winning less when you do predict the result correctly. So how do Betway’s odds compare? It is pretty easy to check.

To see how their odds matchup, we can directly compare the odds on offer at Betway to the same game at other esports betting sites. To have a good look at the full market, we’ll be comparing the odds at Betway to the odds at a dedicated esports site, and a larger bookmaker offering sports and esports.

Measuring things up, we’re going to be looking at CS GO betting in a specific title. Betway is offering odds of 1.65 on the preferred team to win and 2.1 on the other team. An esports-focused bookmaker is instead offering 1.69 and 2.1, which puts them slightly ahead. The larger bookmaker is offering 1.68 on the first team and 2.1 on the second. Overall, this puts Betway esports slightly behind the crowd, but by a tiny decimal of change. So across the board for a Betway review, when we can say that they’re just about average when it comes to odds.

Betway Esports – The Verdict

Betway is a great site to use, with a fantastic UI and user experience for esports betting. When you take the Betway esports bonuses into account too, this site is a great product overall. There are some negatives for a Betway review though. Their odds aren’t anything special and payment methods are on the restrictive side. However, Betway offers a decent spread of esports games and a lot of positives.

While Betway isn’t going to give you some of the more niche options like crypto, it is hard to beat its overall usability and ease of use. They offer a dedicated esports section, with great bonuses, and a lot of different games. It is a great choice for an esports betting site.

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