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Buff.Bet is a relatively new addition to online bookmakers, but they’re already one of the best-developed platforms for esports betting out there. This site has a high level of functionality, with a general high-quality feel that really makes it stand out. Beyond that though, they offer betting on all the top esports games and markets. Buff.Bet offers great bonuses especially if you’re looking specifically at competitive gaming. They have a dedicated esports site, with betting coverage and features that you’ll find in a bigger site’s traditional sports sections. Beyond the sleek website though, how does this website compare? This Buff.bet review covers what you need to know.

Buff.Bet Esports Review

User Experience and UI – Highly Functional

Buff.Bet’s esports section is pretty well-designed. This isn’t the kind of bookmaker that just lists the odds and the games in play. The website’s general feel and function is pretty impressive. Once you get through to the esports page, you find a homepage that is crammed with features. The site puts the top events, promotions, and everything else you need at the right front.

Some websites that have this many widgets and functionality can take a hit in performance. In this Buff.Bet review, the site maintained great functionality. While there are lots of features, it is pretty simple to find what you need. Games are divided into tabs, getting the odds for the top esports tournaments is a simple procedure.

Buff.Bet’s design even works well on mobile devices. Everything scales and is just as functional. Overall, the interface and user experience on this site is one of the best you’re going to find.

Payment Methods on Buff.Bet Esports

If you’re betting on esports at Buff.Bet, then the options available for payments is important. Most places cover the basics like cards. However, it is really a lot more convenient when you can use any payment method that you’d like. So how does it measure up in a Buff.Bet review for your choice in payments? These are options available:

  •  Cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafe
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex
  • Moneta
  • SkinPay
  • ExoPayz
  •  Crypto

Buff.Bet offers a decent amount of variety when it comes to payment methods. They even include esports cryptocurrency betting and SkinPay, if you don’t want to use any regular currency at all. This site offers a really expansive array of options.

Buff.Bet Live Streaming and In-Play Betting

Being able to bet on games while they’re in progress along with streaming them can be a great way to react to smaller changes in a match. In-play betting allows you to cash out early if you think the balance is going to change or place a bet when you notice a team’s performance is improving. Buff.Bet offers some great live betting, so you can make adjustments mid-game when needed. Functionality and speed are important in this category since things can change fast. Buff.Bet’s quick functionality really shines here.

For streaming a game live, you won’t find Twitch quality here but it is pretty reliable. Since the site’s overall function is at a high level, your streaming capabilities are too. If you’re looking to place a bet while you’re watching the game, then the Buff.Bet live streaming is a great solution to that.

Security and License

Licensing and security is an important factor for a bookmaker, so it is worth covering in a Buff.Bet review. This bookmaker is fully licensed in Curacao. This is a fairly standard license for online bookmakers and particularly esports-focused ones. It isn’t quite as heavily regulated as the UK or Malta gaming authorities, but you’re not going to be losing out by going with this site. You can be assured that your pay-outs for CS GO betting will be exactly as advertised here.

In terms of security, the site has a pretty healthy verification process. You might have to submit a few identification documents to get set up, but all of this helps to keep the site safe and secure. So, you can trust your money on this platform.

What Esports Games Do They Cover?

Esports is a pretty broad term, encapsulating everything from virtual sports through to Fortnite. An esports bookmaker has a lot of ground to cover and their choice of markets is important for giving customers variety. Ideally, you’d want to be able to bet on any esport that you follow. In this Buff.Bet review, we found they cover a pretty good spread of the market. These are the main games that they carry:

  • CS GO
  • League of Legends
  • DOTA 2
  • Valorant
  • StarCraft II
  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six
  • Warcraft
  • King of Glory
  • Virtual Sports

Compared to a lot of other bookmakers, this is a big range. You can find MOBA games like LoL betting alongside shooters and weirder titles, like Warcraft betting. In terms of what markets, they carry for each of these titles it will vary from game to game. Buff.Bet cover most of the biggest esports tournaments, but you’ll need to check if you’re looking to bet on a niche event!

Buff.Bet Odds

Since Buff.Bet offers such a variety of esports games, you’re going to be able to bet on more events here. But is that any good if the pay-outs are lower? Odds are important, Buff.Bet’s offering are pretty good, but it is simpler to do a direct comparison to see how this site compares with the competition:

In an upcoming Dota 2 game, Buff.Bet offered 1.46 and 2.57 for each team in a match-up. Whereas a sports-focused bookmaker offered 1.5 and 2.5. Last, an esports bookmaker offered 1.45 and 2.42. So overall, they’ve pushed ahead of the others as often as they’re behind. Their odds might beat out the competition in some events and fall back elsewhere. So from this, we can likely say they’re at about par. Although, it might be good to check out esports odds when you’re betting to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Buff.Bet Review – The Verdict

Buff.Bet’s dedicated gaming site is quite far above a lot of the competition. It has the polish and functionality of one of the much bigger traditional sports bookmakers. However, their focus is definitely on esports. You can find a great variety of games with pretty good odds on most events. If you’re looking for an all-in-one bookmaker that can serve any esports need, then Buff.Bet is a great choice. Its design, ease of use, and how fun the platform all make Buff.Bet stand out from their competitors.

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