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If you’re interested in esports betting in the US, then you’re probably aware of DraftKings. They’re an esports fantasy betting site and one of the few bookmakers that operate in North America. While the style of betting that they offer is a bit different, DraftKings is already one of the bigger bookmakers out there. They now offer their trademark fantasy esports betting worldwide, so what makes it different? And is it worth going with DraftKings esports over a more traditional site? This is what you need to know:

DraftKings Esports Review

DraftKings User Experience – More Like a Game Than a Bookmaker

When you’re looking at esports betting, the UI and general experience you get is a big factor. Since DraftKings works a bit differently, their interface is pretty different too. When you’re betting on esports with DraftKings, you have to build a fantasy team rather than specifically betting on matches.

Picking out a full fantasy team is more complicated than just picking a result from upcoming matches. Because of this, the interface here is more robust. You’re going to find more stats here and a looser layout. The website does function really well despite these extra requirements. It isn’t too difficult to put together your team or check how they’re performing afterward. The whole process at DraftKings esports makes it feel more like playing a game than placing bets, although if that’s positive is down to preference.

The user experience and design at DraftKings suit this different type of esports betting, but in all the site still functions really well.

How Does DraftKings Work?

DraftKings is mainly known for operating in the US, where betting on sporting events isn’t as widely legal as elsewhere. Fantasy esport betting is a way around this regulation, but it is pretty different from just placing a bet. DraftKings esports is available outside of the US, where it competes more directly with sports betting despite being a pretty different experience.

Fantasy esports has you put together a team. You pick individual players who you think are going to perform well, within a max salary. As these players perform in games, you get points depending on how well they do. You can then win money if you manage to put together a better team than others.

DraftKings works a bit differently, but it can still effectively be a way to pick a team to bet on. With fantasy esports betting, you’re looking more at the longer-term performance of a player. You’ll need to look at individual players alongside whole teams too.

When you first sign up for DraftKings, you get a budget to spend on pulling in the best fantasy team you can imagine. You can use this team for tournaments and other challenges that take place on DraftKings esports. While you’re not betting on specific things to happen, you do get fantasy points for most of the same results. Fantasy betting is different from normal betting, but adding in an extra layer of strategy can make the process a bit more fun overall.

Payment Methods on DraftKings

Since DraftKings is competing with more traditional esports bookmakers, they have to offer the same variety of options to users that you’re going to find elsewhere. DraftKings offers most of the typical payment methods that you’ll find elsewhere, but not much else. This is what’s currently on offer:

  • Cards
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

This is quite limited compared to some other esports bookmakers. When you’re playing with DraftKings, you’re mainly limited to the more mainstream payment methods.

Security and License

When you’re betting on esports, the security and licensing of a site are pretty important. Since DraftKings operates with a fantasy esports model, their license is a bit different. Luckily, in Europe, they have the same convincing and security as all normal esports bookmakers. DraftKings is licensed in Europe by the UK Gambling Commission. In America, they’re licensed differently as an exclusive fantasy site rather than betting.

As with a few parts of a DraftKings review, this is a bit more complicated than normal esports betting. However, their license and security are all up to the same standard you’re going to find elsewhere. DraftKings esports can be trusted with deposits and make fair payouts in a timely manner.

What Esports Games Do They Cover?

Since we’re looking at fantasy esports here rather than just betting on tournaments, the range of games in play is a bit different. You’re limited to titles that have more formal teams rather than games like Fortnite. DraftKings does offer a decent spread of games still though. These are the main titles they currently cover:

  • Call of Duty
  • CS GO
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League
  • eNascar
  • Valorant

DraftKings does expand fairly frequently. If they don’t currently cover the games that you follow then keep an eye out. Their selection can change in the future and esports doesn’t offer the widest array of esports games. However, the fantasy format does mean they’re often more fleshed out than you’ll find on some other sites.

DraftKings Challenges and Achievements

One of the best features of DraftKing is its regular challenges, missions, and achievements. Linked to DraftKing’s promotions. You can compete in the achievements and challenges to earn extra points which you can use for more free bets.

This is a fun feature of fantasy DraftKing esports. It gives you more of an incentive to stay engaged with your fantasy team, rather than just picking your roster and stepping away. These are fun extra features on the site, and they definitely make it stand out apart from the crowd. It is touching like this that really gamify the entire DraftKings experience.

DraftKings Review – The Verdict

When looking at all of the esports bookmakers around at the moment, DraftKings is entirely unique. The site offers a completely different way to bet on esports and the performance of teams. The fantasy esports approach won’t appeal to everyone. If you’re looking to bet on a specific match or tournament then this is a convoluted way to go about it. However, if you’re more interested in tracking the overall performance of players then DraftKings is a great site. They add features like challenges into the game that can make your fantasy team a fun side game to enjoy while watching esports.

Outside of the major differences in how you bet, DraftKings compares pretty well to the competition. The website polished, functions great, and payouts can be pretty speedy. The website’s added features and support all make it a great choice for customers. While DraftKings is pretty different to the competition, it is worth checking out alongside traditional esports betting.

4.5 rating

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