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Midnite is an entirely esports dedicated betting site that has opened up in recent years. They offer a lot of different esports markets for you to bet on, along with great promotions and a slick user interface. Midnite bet has quickly become one of the most well-known outlets for esports gambling. However, they do have a lot of competition in this space. There are loads of esports bookmakers around now and traditional bookmakers are making bigger entries into the market. With so much competition, how does Midnite measure up to other sites? This Midnite betting review covers what you need to know:

Midnite Bet Review

User Experience and UI – Dark but Well-Designed

The user experience and overall feel of the site is a pretty important factor when choosing a website. In this department, Midnite bet is a real standout. The website features a pretty dark design, but one that puts everything you need in the right front. Midnite is focused entirely on esports, which you’ll notice as soon as you open the page. The website divides each title into its own section, but you can find the biggest esports tournaments right on the front page.

Midnite’s design is on the darker side, but this makes it easy to navigate. The Ui isn’t clogged with too many features, but you can easily find the promotions and every game. Midnite’s UI is slimmed down enough to be fully responsive with the same quality on mobile too. The user interface could maybe do with a drop of color to liven it up in places. However, in function and design, this is a great user interface that works as a combination of function and design.

Payment Methods at Midnite

Payment methods make a big difference when deciding which betting site to use, like in this Midnite betting review. It determines how easy it is for you to place bets on esports. A site that offers expansive options stands out a lot more than somewhere that is strictly limited to one type of card. These are the payment methods offered by Midnite bet:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Trustly
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

These are all of the payment methods offered here. You’ve got pretty much all of the basics covered along with the most popularly used e-wallets too. You can’t utilize crypto or SkinPay, which is disappointing. However, Midnite’s payment methods are roughly in line with most of the competition.

Midnite Live Betting and Streaming

Live betting and streaming allow you to make changes to your bets while the games are actually happening. With streaming, you can do this while watching the games on the site itself too. Midnite bet does offer these services like most other sites. Their live streaming is a bit more reliable than you’re going to find elsewhere though. This is mainly down to the high function of the site itself. Live betting lets you change your bets as a game progresses, and Midnite is speedy responding to this. With both of these working smoothly, you can watch and alter your bets on games at Midnite as it progresses. This is a great feature for a Midnite betting review.

Cash Mode – Bet On Your Own Performance

One thing that really makes Midnite stand out from the crowd of esports bookmakers is Cash Mode. This is a feature on the website that allows you to bet on your own performance. So you connect your account, jump into one of the supported games, and complete challenges to win cash prizes. Essentially you’re betting on games, but on the way that you perform, not esports players.

Cash Mode is based around specific challenges rather than just winning out in a game like Warzone. This sets it apart from Unikrn UMode as it allows players of a lot of different skill levels to join in.

Cash Mode isn’t going to be for everyone. This isn’t traditional esports betting. However, as an extra feature that can be a bit of fun, it definitely adds more of a reason to be using Midnite bet over other sites. It definitely stands out in a Midnite betting review.

Midnite’s Security and License

The security and license of a bookmaker cover how they handle your cash, payouts, and odds. Midnite is licensed by the UK Gaming Commission under Dribble Media. This license is on the stricter side of regulations and you can trust that the website is complying with all restrictions wherever you use them. Midnite beta also offers good support for responsible gambling. You can feel secure that Midnite is a completely safe site, where you can freely deposit and trust you’re going to get the right payout.

What Can You Bet on at Midnite Bet?

Midnite bet is a dedicated esports bookmaker, so they are limited just to esports. Although, that is quite a broad category. Not every esports bookmaker has the widest spread of games available though. As a dedicated esports site, you can expect quite a bit from Midnite. So how does their spread of games match up? This is what they currently offer:

  • CS GO
  • Dota 2
  • LoL
  • Call of Duty
  • Valorant
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six
  • Fifa
  • NBA2K
  • StarCraft 2
  • Rocket League
  • KOG

The spread of games here definitely covers the majority of the esports market. You can find huge shooters like CS GO betting, strategy games like betting on Dota 2, and even electronic sports like FIFA. This is a pretty good spread of games. They beat out a lot of the competition in this category for a Midnite betting review.

Midnite Bet Odds

Offering bets on the biggest spread of games is great, but you need decent odds too. Over time, getting paid out slightly less or more on a bet depending on your choice of bookmaker is really going to add up. So how does Midnite bet compare? We’ve put them up against other bookmakers to see.

In an upcoming Dota 2 game, Midnite is offering 1.62 on the favorite and 2.14 on the other. A traditional sports bookmaker is offering 1.62 and 2.2, and another esports site has 1.6 and 2.27. So Midnite is about standard on these but with slight deviations one way or another.

Generally across all games, Midnite is roughly a benchmark for most esports bookmakers. Their odds are rarely worse than the competition, but typically not dramatically better either. They are a bookmaker who it would be fair to call their odds standard, across the board. There are still opportunities to get a deal though, especially if you check odds before each game. While this isn’t the best part of the Midnite betting review, they’re not massively worse than the competition.

Midnite Review – The Verdict

Midnite is one of the newer esports betting sites but they’ve wasted no time in making an impression. The Midnite bet website has a sleek and polished UI, offers a great spread of games, and you can make use of most payment methods across the game.

One thing that really makes Midnite stand out is how often they’re pushing things forward for features. They began offering many more promos like a regular Midnite betting club. However, the recent addition of Cash Mode changes things up considerably, making betting on esports into something completely different. Midnite offers a lot of extra features and polish that make them stand apart from the crowd in esports betting.

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