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North American Organization, Evil Geniuses has announced its partnership with Games for Change. The duo aims to create opportunities for the next generation of talent all while educating gaming ethics and arranging social awareness campaigns.

About Games For Change

Founded in 2004, Games For Change (G4C) is a nonprofit gaming organization. The organization supports and shares valuable resources with organizations that use gaming for social change. They also run a STEM competition that teaches high school students about game design and programming. Each year, Games For Change organizes an annual conference which highlights upcoming games and the latest gaming technologies. The event also recognizes games that promote social good and positively impact communities. It’s safe to say that Evil Geniuses’ partners surely know a thing or two about promoting the positives of gaming.

Evil Geniuses’ partnership with G4C

Thanks to Evil Geniuses’ partnership with Games For Change, the duo plans to achieve big things together. To kick things off, they’ll host an inclusion and diversity workshop at the 2021 Games For Change Festival Workshop Week on July 7th. At the workshop, both the organizations will present how they will align their core values to achieve common goals. Evil Geniuses will also present their Gaming For All report.

Throughout the partnership, the duo aims to organize similar programs for gaming enthusiasts to teach them more about the esports industry. The programs also promise to provide valuable network opportunities for those who aim to work in the world of esports. Collegiate Lead of Evil Geniuses said in a statement, “We are proud to be a strong voice for inclusivity & partnered with Games for Change who share this same passion. The festival is the perfect starting point for what will be a long-lasting relationship between our organizations.” 

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