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For FIFA fans all around the world, it’s that time of the year when we build up to the next FIFA. EA Sports is slowly bringing out all the new stuff coming to FIFA 22. Today, we dive deep into the changes coming to FIFA 22 Pro Clubs.

Pro Clubs Drop-Ins

EA stated that the goal with FIFA 22 Pro Clubs is to make it easier for everyone to connect and play with friends.

All the changes coming to FIFA 22 Pro Clubs
Official in-game screenshot of FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Drop-In

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs is bringing you a brand new Drop-In experience. Now you can squad up with 4 of your friends (or recent teammates) and play Drop-In matches. You can also select your Play Style right before starting a Drop-In match. But the Play Style you select will determine your starting position as a player. For example, if you select an ST Play Style, you’ll only be able to play as an Attacker in the game (ST, LW or RW).

Pro Growth

One of the biggest changes coming to FIFA 22 Pro Clubs is the player growth this season. Players will be earning experience (XP) after every match they play (except for Practice matches). The max level for a player is set at 25. After a match finishes, players will be able to see how much XP they’ve earned (and for which in-game actions) as well as their match rating. In-game footage has also revealed that players will only receive skill points when they level up. The game this year promises to provide you more stats than ever to help you analyze and improve your playing style.

Perks and Archetypes

In the previous years, Pro Clubs players could only update and customize their in-game players with skill points. This year, FIFA is introducing two new ways to hone your Play Style: Perks and Archetypes.

Perks can be considered as in-game boosters for your Pro. A player can equip a maximum of three perks based upon his position and style of play. You’ll start with one perk slot unlocked and unlock the rest two at levels 9 and 19. There are a total of 26 perks to choose from and they’re divided into four types: Attacking, Chance Creation, Defending and Goalkeeper perks. You can find out all the perks and more information on them here.

All the changes coming to FIFA 22 Pro Clubs
FIFA 22 Pro Clubs screenshot of the Perks tab.

Archetypes, on the other hand, are Attribute increases. They are acquired through skill points and are the end of a skill tree branch. You can acquire up to 3 archetypes but that depends on how you allocate your skill points.

There are even more changes coming to FIFA 22 Pro Clubs such as stadium customization and the ability to choose either a male or female pro character.

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