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Call of Duty has grown from a popular console shooter into an esports juggernaut. Recent games in the series like Cold War and Warzone have taken the game to new heights in PC popularity, starting with 2019’s Modern Warfare. Call of Duty betting has expanded to cover those esports events, letting you bet on the biggest tournaments available. This is how it works with each game, and some tips to get the most out of it.

Call of Duty Betting and Warzone Betting – How Does it Work?

Call of Duty betting isn’t as simple as some other titles like CS GO or DOTA. You’re not betting on a single game and its esports leagues. There are loads of Call of Duty events, the majority stick to the most recent iterations of the game. At the moment, that’s Cold War and Warzone. This is how betting works for each:

Call of Duty Betting and CDL Betting

Call of Duty Cold War is the current mainline Call of Duty game. It is a classic Call of Duty title. Teams of players go up against each other with preset loadouts, competing in objective matches in various smaller maps. This one is a traditional shooter, like CS GO. However, it has the depth of gunplay and fast pace that you’ll remember from classic Call of Duty titles.

It is this Call of Duty title that is mainly seen for Call of Duty betting. That’s because it’s currently in use by the Call of Duty League The CDL is a relatively new esports tournament, but it has had great success already. Its format is similar to the Overwatch League, so familiar territory for Activision Blizzard.

If you’re looking at call of Duty Betting, you’re mainly going to be betting on this game, and often the League is the best event to look at. However, other events are held pretty regularly too. The CDL can support a lot of pro players, so they have plenty of time to compete in other competitions. For betting, the League matches are the most regular and easiest to follow markets to look at.

Warzone Betting

Warzone has quickly become one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there. The title has a lot of competitive players and streamers that go pretty hard at it. Naturally, this has grown some pretty serious Call of Duty events alongside the main league. Often Call of Duty pros compete in both games.

Warzone betting is more complicated than CDL betting, similar to how Fortnite betting can be tricky. The game itself takes the Call of Duty gameplay and grafts it onto a Battle Royale. The engine, gunplay, mechanics, weapons, and items are all straight out of the main games. However, you need to loot weapons or collect cash to get your load out. You might be able to revive in Warzone, but death is much more impactful than in normal Call of Duty. Like in Fortnite, betting has to look at kills and placement rather than just being the outright winner of a match.

What Can You Bet on in Call of Duty?

When you bet on Call of Duty, you can go beyond just the winner of a match. There are a few different markets you can place bets on:

  • Winner of Match – This is the overall winner.
  • Map Handicap – A weighted bet towards a team’s performance.
  • Maps – You can bet on the results of individual maps.

For Warzone, you’ll find similar markets too. You can bet on the winner of tournaments and individual player performance. You’ll likely only find betting on Warzone for big events though.

Best Sites for Call of Duty Betting

When you’re betting on esports, you’re going to see a lot of different bookmakers offering you their services. However, they aren’t all great. Some are just traditional sports betting sites that show some small results for esports. Others are full esports betting sites with extra features that make them stand out. If you’re looking for the best sites for Call of Duty betting, then the user experience is important. You need a site with a smooth interface that makes it simple to place the bets when you want and to understand the odds being offered. A wide range of deposit options is great too, as are streams of games.

While there are too many great esports betting sites to list, these are the top esports betting sites. Most of these work great for Call of Duty betting, and they’ll have bonuses if you’re just getting started.

Call of Duty Betting Odds

When you’re deciding which event to place a bet on, looking at the odds is really important. This lets you know how much you stand to win, but also how unlikely it is that your bet will win! What can be confusing about esports though is that the odds are pretty different from site to site. Esports are harder to predict. Over time, using worse odds will really add up in terms of the money you’re winning. Take the time to check odds at a few of the best sites for betting on Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Betting Tips

Call of Duty betting is a great way to add some fun into watching the biggest matches. It can be tricky though since esports is pretty hard to predict. These are some tips to help you get more out of Call of Duty Betting:

  • Watch The League – Call of Duty league is pretty big. if you’re going to be betting on it, you should watch most of the league so you can follow the latest developments and esports news in each team.
  • Play the Games – Call of Duty has frequent updates that make big changes to the way the title plays. So play the game to keep up to date with how these patches affect things.
  • Look for Bonuses – Esports betting bonuses are a great way to get more value out of a bet.
  • Know the Teams and Players – Esports are tricky to predict, keeping track of each team and player will make it easier for you to make accurate predictions when betting.
  • Bet What you Can Afford – As with Esports betting on all the top esports betting games, you should just wager what you can afford. This keeps things fun.

Call of Duty betting can be a great way to add a bit more excitement to the game. This series covers a variety of games, including some of the most popular ones on PC and console. If you follow Call of Duty League or the streamer Warzone events that pop up fairly often, then this can be a great way to spice things up a bit.

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