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FIFA is probably the least popular Esports game when it comes to betting. This game is sold in millions of copies every year, but it isn’t so popular as the Esports game. We won’t dive too deep into this, but it surely lacks an Esports mode and tournaments that can be conducted worldwide. Be that as it may, it is still possible to bet on FIFA. So, if you want to know how FIFA betting works make sure to stick around and read this tutorial.


  • Similar to Real Life Football Betting
  • Variety of Markets
  • Competitive Odds


  • Unavailable in Many Countries
  • Not so Popular
  • Short Games
  • Not Available on All Bookmakers

FIFA Betting Markets and Odds

Considering that FIFA as a game has the same real-life football rules, there is no wonder this Esports game has rich and widely spread markets. It pretty much has every market that real football does.

Of course, the best odds and best markets will always be in top tier tournaments. The best and most popular FIFA tournaments are:

–           ePremier League

–           FUT Champions Cup

–           FIFA eWorld Cup

When it comes to FIFA betting opportunities, you can bet on pretty much anything. From match winner to red cards and penalties. Let’s go through all of them and explain them a little bit.

Regular FIFA Bets

The most regular bets you can place on this game are Moneyline bet and handicap bet. In both cases, you are betting on the match-winner. The only difference is that in a handicap bet, the favourite team has a certain handicap which gives the underdog team a slight advantage.

FIFA Proposition Bets

Every bet that has nothing to do with the final result is a proposition bet. You can bet on different things like who will score the first goal, will there be a penalty, will there be a red card, and so on. Another kind of FIFA proposition bets are totals. You are betting on the total number of something; it can be the number of cards, goals, corners, and so on. The bookmakers set a realistic margin, and you need to guess will the total number be higher or lower.

FIFA Live Betting

The live betting option allows you to place your bets during the game. You can watch a game on a live stream and place a bet while the game is played. However, it would be best if you were careful because the odds are also live, and they can change at any given moment.

Futures FIFA Bets

The futures FIFA bet is wagering on some outcome that may or may not occur in the future. You can bet on group winner, tournament winner, tournament MVP, top scorer, and so on. All future bets should be placed before the tournament starts.

Where to Bet on FIFA?

Know that we know what type of bets are there and how to place them, the real question is; Where to place those FIFA bets? Where to bet on FIFA? When there are popular FIFA tournaments, every Esports dedicated Bookmaker has FIFA games in their offer. However, if you want to bet on lower tier tournaments, it is relatively hard to find them. For now, only 22Bet offers regular FIFA markets on all tournaments.

22Bet – Best Markets by Far!

This Bookmaker translates into 58 languages. Well established in the industry, and your money is definitely safe here. Properly licensed and regulated in most countries, so you should have no problems. When it comes to FIFA betting, they have the best FIFA markets out there. It is enough to say that 22Bet offers more than 100 available betting lines per match. Of course, popular matches have more lines. However, those matches that aren’t so popular still have more than 30 available lines. On top of all that, they offer a special welcome bonus for all new customers. You can grab a 100% welcome bonus of up to €50. Terms and conditions apply to this bonus.

Don’t forget to also check other Esports Betting Sites with unique welcome bonuses available for our visitors.

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