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Fortnite emerged quickly as an esports game, and it hasn’t shown signs of stopping. A game that was originally viewed as a bit of a fad has become one of the most important competitive titles, offering record-breaking prize pools and constant tournaments open to any player in-game. Whether you play Fortnite or just like to watch players crank out insane builds, Fortnite betting can be a great way to add a little extra excitement to things.

Between the regularly held cups, the FNCS, and the huge Fortnite World Cup, there is no shortage of events that you can bet on. As a Battle Royale though, it is a little different. Surely out of 100 players, the chances of hitting that player who gets the number one spot are difficult? If you use the right Fortnite betting sites with great odds, you can bet on a lot of different aspects of the game, and possibly get lucky with that Victory Royale. This is everything you need to know about betting on Fortnite:

How Does Fortnite Betting Work? Betting on a Battle Royale

Fortnite games see 100 players drop into a huge map, loot up with weapons, materials, and healing items. The map then closes in, pushing players together until there’s only one player or team left standing. Players can build their own cover, their own high ground, any structure that they have the reflexes to throw up. This can lead to some fun situations, and the top players can do some impressive build fights.

Fortnite betting works a little differently from other esports, particularly traditional ones like Dota. but it doesn’t mean you can’t get great odds on your favourite players. You can look at points amassed in a game, or kills, rather than specifically ‘winning’ each round. While the top players often take home the first spot, the Victory Royale screen doesn’t always mean they’ve won the title.

On top of that, you can bet on a player’s placement in the final standings. If you’re trying to predict the winner, you might get pretty good odds. Even if you bet on a favourite like Bugha, out of 100 skilled contenders there’s still a decent payout on offer given the high chance of an unpredictable outcome.

What to Know Before Fortnite Betting

Fortnite betting can be a great way to liven up matches. However, there are a few things to think about before getting started. This is what you need to know:

Fortnite Esports Events to Bet On

There are a lot of in-game tournaments, and they vary widely in scale, these are the big ones currently running:

  • Fortnite World Cup – The Fortnite World Cup 2020 was delayed, but 2019 was a highlight for competitive Fortnite. The next is bound to be huge.
  • Fortnite Champion Series – The Fortnite Champion Series is a Seasonal event that pits the top pros against each other. Anyone can take part, but only the elite make it to the finals. This is the major tournament for each Season.
  • Cash Cups – Cash cups are a bit more minor, but there are still some fun activities to be had. These events are one-night competitions with a smaller prize pool. You might struggle to find places taking wide bets for these events though.
  • LTM Tournaments – Limited time tournaments are held frequently, these are about a tier down from cash cups. From time to time, there’s a major one though.

Choosing the Right Esports Bookmaker for Fortnite Betting

There are a lot of different bookmakers out there offering Fortnite betting. Choosing the right one can be difficult. These top esports bookmakers are all great places to start though. Most offer a decent array of Fortnite betting options. With so many players and variables going on in a game of Fortnite it can be difficult to predict odds, so it is worth checking around. Even a chest spawn in a specific POI can widely sway the odds. You can also look for bonuses on offer, live streaming of games, and options like cashing out to help pick a bookmaker.

The Different Markets You Can Bet On

Fortnite games are strange compared to a lot of esports, there are more things to compete with than just getting kills or carrying out an objective. These are some of the main markets you can choose from in Fortnite betting:

  • Placement – This is which rank each player finishes the match in, like winning the match to place first.
  • Points – Total points in a tournament are the number of kills and placement that is awarded across all ten games.
  • Overall Placement – This is a placement in the overall leaderboard for the tournament.
  • Kills – Total kills is pretty clear, and one of the most fun markets.
  • Other Events – From time to time weirder events are offered for betting, like consecutive Royales.

This means you can bet on a lot more than just who takes home the victory Royale!

Fortnite Betting Tips

These are some tips for Fortnite betting to make sure you get the most out of each tournament:

  • Odds – Odds tend to be better for big events. However, since the top 100 players in a tournament are hard to predict, there are always going to be wildcards.
  • Know the Game – Fortnite changes frequently. With the introduction of the last season, they added crafting mechanics and threw a load of animal NPCs all over the map. You need to follow the game and the latest esports news to keep up to date.
  • Watch the Games – Fortnite is a pretty fun spectator sport, especially at the highest level. Watch the matches that you bet on if only to appreciate the insanely stacked endgames that show up in pro games.
  • Know the Players – Things change fast in Fortnite, check out a player before you bet on them.
  • Make the Most of Bonuses – You can get great esports bonuses with bookies that can help you get a bit more out of your betting, check for these before you start.

Fortnite betting can be a fun way to make the game even more exciting. However, with crowded and unpredictable gameplay, it can be difficult to find a decent bet on the game. If you follow these tips, then you should be able to place a bet on a player that you’re confident in. Since the game changes so quickly, often the odds can give you a great payout if you manage to predict who’s going to get the victory royale in a major match!

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