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One of the most popular MOBA esports games, King of Glory, is known by many names. This game is also called Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor, and Strike of Kings. It mainly depends on the region. For the purpose of easier understanding, going forward, we will just call it King of Glory in this article. So, if you are interested in King of Glory betting, make sure to stay tuned and find out how to bet on this game.


  • Similar to LOL
  • High Odds
  • Easy To Understand


  • Not Available Worldwide
  • Not The Same in All Regions
  • Tournaments are scarce

King of Glory Betting Markets and Odds

Besides having high odds, this game also has affluent markets. You can bet on pretty much anything you can imagine. If you know how to bet on League of Legends, you won’t have any problems while placing a bet on this game. Let’s go through some of the most popular King of Glory bets that can be placed.

Regular King of Glory Bets

Regular bets include match winner betting and handicap bets. In both cases, you need to predict which team will win the match. Handicap bets are a little bit more complex, and they give a slight advantage to the underdog team. Be that as it may, you still need to predict who will win based on those changed handicap rules. 

Proposition Bets

As opposed to regular bets, which are tied to the final result, proposition bets have nothing to do with it. You don’t need to predict who will win the match; instead, you need to predict what will happen during the game. For example, you can bet on a team to get the first kill, destroy the first turret, win the first round, and so on. If your prediction is correct, your bet will be won regardless of who wins the match in the end.

Live King of Glory Betting

The live betting option is also the most popular one. This option allows you to place bets while the game is being played. You can place every regular and proposition bet during the game. The only difference is that the odds may differ. Of course, you can’t bet which team will destroy the first turret if that already happened. However, you can bet on which team will destroy and next turret in the game. This bet is highly popular because it is easier to predict what will happen next when you can see what is already happening.


Another way to bet on King of Glory is to bet on futures. You can place a bet on a tournament before it even starts. For example, you can place an outright bet on a team to win the tournament or to reach the grand finals. You can also bet on tournament MVP, dark horse, most kills, and so on.

Where to Bet on King of Glory

Know that we know how to bet on King of Glory; it is time to check where to bet on it. Which bookmakers actually accept King of Glory bets? And most importantly, which ones are the best out of those that accept it.

GG.Bet – High Moneyline odds

Suppose you are one of those players that enjoy regular bets you should definitely choose GG.Bet. They offer the highest Moneyline odds on the market, but that is pretty much all they can offer. There are no any additional markets offered on this Esports game.

LOOT.BET – Special Bets

Being an Esports dedicated bookmaker as it is, LOOT.BET made sure to include special bets in their offer on this game too. You can bet on pretty much anything, from first blood and turret to map winners. There is also a race to 5/10/15 kills, different handicaps, and totals. Whatever bet you can think about LOOT.BET probably covers it. – Crypto Betting

The world is crazy about cryptos lately. If you also prefer to hide your identity and stay anonymous while betting on King of Glory, we suggest This bookmaker allows you to deposit different cryptocurrencies and bet them directly. There is no need to exchange them for USD or anything similar. 

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King of Glory Betting Tips

Don’t Chase Losses

You need to know that losing is a part of the process. This is gambling, after all and it is impossible to win every time. So, if you lose, don’t try to get it back. Chasing your losses may only lead to a higher deficit which will result in a problem, and we don’t want a problem. Therefore, if you lost a few bets in a row and it just isn’t your day take a short break and come back the next day. It is not good to place silly bets while trying to win something that is already lost. 

Don’t Bet Under The Influence

You need to be reasonable with every bet. If something can influence your judgment, your prediction won’t be objective. The influence can be emotional when you simply support your favorite team. It can also be from other people when you read something online and believe it without checking it first. Always double check every tip and analysis you read, no matter who wrote it or told it to you.

Develop Your Own Betting Strategy

Doing anything that involves money without a plan is a recipe for disaster. You just need to have a strategy, no matter how silly it sounds. Decide what your goal is and what your plan is to get there. After that, try out different strategies until you find which one is the most profitable for you. Keep in mind that everybody is different, and some strategy that works for someone may not work for you.

Good luck and Be Gamble Aware!

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