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PUBG is the game that most definitely stands out from the crowd in the esports betting world. Betting on this game isn’t similar to other Esports games. The markets and odds are different, which brings a unique overall betting experience. Stay tuned and find out how and where to bet on PUBG.


  • High Betting Value
  • Rich Markets
  • Unique Bets


  • Low Number of Events
  • Not Available on Some Countries
  • Hard to Predict

PUBG Betting Markets And Odds

This game is different than other Esports games in many aspects. Due to the sole nature of battle-royal games betting markets and odds are also different. For example, the simplest Match Winner isn’t so simple anymore. There are 25 teams with squads of 4 players or 50 teams with 2 players, so there are plenty of possible match winners, and it is really hard to predict who will win. On the other side, multiple outcomes increase the odds, and if your guess is correct, your profit will be huge. Let’s check out which bets you can place on a single PUBG match.

Match Winner Bets

Like we already mentioned, PUBG betting on match winner always comes with high odds. It is probably the most profitable PUBG bet you can place. You simply need to place a wager on a team you believe will win the match.

Map Winner Bets

This bet is pretty much the same as the previous one. The only difference is that your bet is tied to only one map. So, your team needs to win only a certain map in order for this bet to be a winning bet.

PUBG Betting on First Blood

The name of this bet speaks for itself; you place a bet on a team or player that will make the first kill. This bet should be placed on teams that are known for aggressive playstyle and early pushes.

Most Kills

This is a game of strategy, and often, a team that wins the game, in the end, does not have the highest number of overall kills. So, if you want to bet on most kills, make sure to bet on highly skilled players and teams that aren’t afraid to join team fights.

Live PUBG Betting

The live betting option is probably the most profitable one. It is relatively easy to predict what will happen next in the match when you already know which teams are geared up, what their positions are, and where is the next circle. In other words, you know who has the terrain and equipment advantage. You can also see how the players perform and is the momentum with them. Gather as much information as you can before you place your bet. The more factors you include in your prediction, the higher the chances to guess it right.

Betting On Streamers

Another form of betting that isn’t something we would recommend. However, it is fun to bet while you watch streams. You can place a bet on a streamer to win the next match or to be placed in the Top 3, for example. This option also allows you to bet on solo matches where the odds are one against 100. Therefore, you will always get more than great odds even though the streamer is experienced and will most likely win the game. Try it out but don’t wager too much on those bets; they are risky and completely unpredictable. It is impossible to make any prediction when you don’t even know who he will play against.

Where to Bet on PUBG?

Almost every modern Esports betting site has PUBG markets in its offer. All you have to do is to find a trustworthy site that is available and legal in your country of residence. All Esports Betting sites mentioned on our website are reliable and legal with proper gambling licenses. Here are our top 3 picks for PUBG betting.


Out of plenty of sites that offer PUBG in their lines, UNIKRN is undoubtedly the best one. They provide special bets and very competitive odds on every significant event. Maybe it sounds strange, but this site even allows you to place bets on PUBG Mobile matches. Make sure to check them out and claim your welcome bonus of 200% up to $300 + $10 Bonus with a $20 bet every day.  


This Esports dedicated Bookmaker has plenty to offer. You will always find high odds and plenty of PUBG markets on GG.Bet. Besides high odds and excellent markets, they also have a welcome offer of 100% up to €200 + daily special bonuses.


An established betting website that is as reliable as one betting site can be. They offer plenty of PUBG bets, both regular and special ones. On top of that, you can also claim a welcome bonus of up to $10 free bet that is valid for new customers

PUBG Betting Tips

Don’t Be Greedy

Betting on a match winner in PUBG always comes with high odds. High odds mean high risk but also high reward. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t be greedy and chase some impossible odds. Try always to be reasonable and bet on realistic outcomes. If the odds on some team are above 100, they are that high just to lure you in. Just know that this underdog team stands no chance to win the match.

Place Multiple Bets

It is impossible to correctly predict the winner of every match you bet on. You can undoubtedly make some great decisions, but you can never be sure. Luckily, the odds are high enough, so we can pick multiple teams we believe can win this match. This way, we will increase our chances. So, go ahead and select 3 to 5 teams and bet on all of them. If any one of them wins, your profit will be high enough to cover the wagers you placed on other teams.


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