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At first glance, Rocket League betting may seem complicated. There are a lot of variables that influence the outcome of a professional game. The idea of predicting the winner is easy to understand, but there is a lot to be done to execute it on a consistent basis. The real questions are; How to predict a match? How to place your Rocket League bets?, and most importantly, Where to place your bets? We will answer them all in this article. Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about Rocket League betting. Don’t place any bets before you read this tutorial. 


  • Competitive Odds
  • Rich Markets
  • Fast Games


  • Not Available Worldwide
  • Risky

Rocket League Betting Markets and Odds

Since most Rocket League markets contain more than 10 different lines, you need to know how to navigate them if you want to be a consistent winner. Let’s check out some of the most common Rocket League betting lines.

Betting on Match Winner

This is the market we recommend if you are new to Rocket League betting. The Rocket League is played in the best of three or best of five sets, so the team that wins a series between two teams is your matchwinner. So, simply choose a team that you think will win the match and place a wager on that team. If that team wins, your bet is won.

Correct Score

The correct score is pretty much self-explanatory, and you bet on what you think will be the end result. Given the fact that this is pure gambling as the correct score is always hard to predict, the odds on this kind of bet will always be high.

Rocket League Betting on Totals

The bookmaker will provide a margin based on previous statistics, and you need to guess will the total number of something be higher or lower. That something can be a number of maps, goals, saves, and so on.

Outright Rocket League Betting

This type of bet is reserved for pre-tournament betting. You simply place a bet on a team to win the tournament before the tournament even starts. You can also bet on a team to reach a certain stage of the tournament or to finish their journey in the group stage. Outright betting also includes betting on tournament MVP, the player with most goals, most saves and similar. 

Live In-Play Rocket League Betting

Probably the most exciting way of Rocket League betting is live betting. You place your bets while the match is played. You can bet on things such as the match-winner, the next goal, the total number of goals, and so on. Pretty much every bet that could be placed before the match can also be placed during it. The only thing different is the odds that are constantly changing as the game evolves.

Where to Bet on Rocket League?

Choosing the best betting platform is half the battle. In this regard, you should look for Rocket League Esports betting sites that cover all the top major events. The breadth of the betting market is the number of Rocket League lines you receive for multiple tournaments. You will want to have a wide range of betting options to choose from. Therefore, let’s check some of the betting sites that provide just that.


The site that shines when it comes to Rocket League betting. BUFF.Bet will provide you with a variety of betting markets to choose from. You can bet on pretty much anything you can imagine on this website. In addition to that, you will also get fair odds on every bet you place.


If you want to place live in-play bets, you should definitely choose LOOT.Bet. This website has an integrated stream that you can watch directly from your browser. Watch the game and bet on it at the same time. Simple as that.


Another Esports dedicated website that surely understands customer needs. They provide great markets, competitive odds, and, best of all, constant promotions where you can claim some free bets or even some free spins to try out their casino.

Rocket League Betting Tips

The last thing we wanted to share with you is some betting tips that can help improve your overall betting experience. So, check out things you should and shouldn’t do while betting on Rocket League.

Analyze Everything

As with any other Esports game, it’s all about knowing the game, the teams, and the players. Check statistics on how teams performed in previous head to head matches and try to predict the outcome of their next game. Keep in mind that many betting sites provide useful information about upcoming Rocket League games, and you won’t have to use third-party software. If there isn’t any information on your preferred bookie, you can always use Liquiepedia to check everything related to Rocket League, from statistics and upcoming matches to team transfers and injured players. Use as many resources as you can find; the more, the better.

Avoid Unnecessary Bets

Don’t bet just for the sake of it. If you want to bet but you can’t find a match that is actually worth betting on, just don’t bet. It is better to skip betting for a day or two than to lose money on some teams you don’t even know about. Always bet on Tier 1 tournaments where the professionals play because those are the matches that can be analyzed and predicted with enough information.

Keep It Small

Never bet more than you can afford to lose. If you ever lose more thank you meant to you will try to get that money back, which will probably result in you losing more money. It is a vicious circle. So, it is better to never get in that situation. Know your limits and bet amounts that won’t affect your balance and your real-life standards.

Good luck and Be Gamble Aware!

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