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Suppose you are new to Esports betting; you probably don’t know how to place a Valorant bet. There is nothing to worry about because we here at Esports BetPlay got you covered. Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about Valorant betting. Don’t place any bets before you read this piece!


  • Rich Markets
  • Competitive Odds
  • Similar to other FPS games


  • Not Available in Some Countries
  • Still Not on Top Level – Too Many Amateur Players
  • Unpredictable

Valorant Betting Markets & Odds

Even though Valorant is a relatively new game, betting markets for this game are widely covered. You can bet on pretty much anything you can imagine. It is only essential to understand what each Valorant bet represents and how to place it. We will start off with the most usual one, which is the Moneyline bet, and move to more complex bets afterward.

Moneyline Bet

It is a simple Valorant bet where you choose one team to win the match. If your prediction is correct, your bet is won.

Handicap Bet

There are two different types of handicap bets in Valorant, map handicap and round handicap. Map handicap gives a slight advantage to the underdog team, and, in the eyes of the bookmaker, the underdog team starts the match with a map advantage. For example, if the map handicap on team A is (-1,5) in a Bo3 duel, then it means team B starts the match with one map advantage. Therefore, if you place a bet on team A, they have to win 2-0 in order for that bet to be won. On the other side, if you bet on team B, they can either win or lose with the final map result 2-1, and your bet is won. The same rules are applied to round handicaps, and they are usually used in Bo1 matches.

Correct Score

The name of this bet speaks for itself. You need to predict the correct score of the match.


Betting on totals is something that can represent multiple bets. You can bet on total maps, rounds, kills, assists, and so on. The bookmaker usually provides a margin, and your job is to guess will the total amount of something (maps, rounds, kill…) be over or under that margin.

Live Betting

Probably the most popular way of betting lately is live betting. This betting option is extremely useful in Valorant bets. It can potentially result in a huge profit if you know how to do it properly. The thing is, you place a bet on a match that is currently being played. You will have an advantage because it is easier to predict what will happen next in the match than to predict the outcome of that same game before the match even starts. You have access to multiple information like team economies, how many utilities are available, loss bonuses, and so on. Take into account every piece of information you can get, and you will probably guess it right. However, be careful; the odds are constantly changing as the match evolves, so you will need to be fast with your bets.

Where to Bet on Valorant?

If you are wondering where to place your Valorant bets without having to worry about the credibility of the site, we covered that too. Every site shines in certain aspects, and there is not a single one that stands out from the crowd, so we can certainly say it is the best one.  Anyway, here are the Top 3 Valorant betting sites that have something special that you definitely need to check out.

Betway – Live Betting

Betway went one step further from many competitors, and they offer the live betting option on almost every Valorant match. On top of that, there is also an integrated stream of that match you can watch directly from Betway’s site. There is no need to visit any third-party sites to watch the stream; watch it directly from Betway and place your bets right there right now, faster than ever.

Luckbox – Best Markets

Truth be told Valorant isn’t widely covered on the majority of Esports betting sites. They do cover matches, but they lack special bets. Luckily, Luckbox has more than 25 available bet lines per single match. So, if you enjoy placing special bets, make sure to check out Luckbox.

UNIKRN – Bet on Streams

Yes, you read that right. You can actually place a bet on Valorant streams that are currently live on Twitch. Of course, you can’t bet on all streams, but you can bet on the most popular ones. For example, you can place a bet on ShahZaM’s team to either win or lose the next match. Be careful because this isn’t a professional scene, and anything can happen in a random competitive game. Some players can even leave, and the game can easily turn into 4 vs. 5 matches.

Don’t forget to also check other Esports Betting Sites with unique welcome bonuses available for our visitors.

Valorant Betting Tip

Even though every bettor is different, they all tend to make the same mistakes. If you want to avoid those common Valorant betting mistakes, make sure to follow our tips that can increase your profit. Our ultimate tip is that you should bet Units instead of money.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still bet money, but you need to think about units. Decide what 1 unit is worth and spread your bankroll into units. For example, if your monthly bankroll is $100 and one unit is $1, you have 100 units available per month. Assess the risk of every bet on a scale from 1 to 10; the safer the bet, the higher the number. So, if you are 90% sure about that bet you can bet 9/10 units. The maximum amount of units for every bet is 10. Never go above 10 units. Let’s say you had a profitable day, and your total bankroll is $200 on day 2. Your one unit is now worth $2, and you repeat the process. On the other side, if you had a bad day, your units will be worthless. This way you will never run out of money as your bets never exceed 10% of your total bankroll.

Good luck and Be Gamble Aware!

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