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Twitch streamer, MrsChimChim joins Misfits Gaming adding her name to the long list of MSF influencers. MrsChimChim mostly streams League of Legends and loves to main Jinx.

About MrsChimChim

MrsChimChim is primarily a Twitch streamer who mostly streams League of Legends. Boasting a little over 20k followers, MrsChimChim is growing well as a content creator. She’s also popular on Tiktok with 30k followers.

As an ADC on League, she mains Jinx and Tristana. She believes that Jinx suits her energy well and that’s the reason why she chose to main her. She absolutely loves to land ults from across the maps and steal dragons. This is quite evident if you do manage to regularly watch her streams.

About Misfits Gaming

Hailing from South Florida, Misfits Gaming is definitely up there among the top esports teams in America. Misfits is best known for their League of Legends roster. Apart from that, they are well respected in the Call of Duty and Overwatch scene too. Misfits also has a youngster academy known as the Misfits Premier.

MrsChimChim joins Misfits Gaming

Content Creators of Misfits

As MrsChimChim joins Misfits, she’s not only one with a fan following. Misfits Gaming has 14 other diverse streamers with a total reach of more than 20+ million fans. Almost all of them are spread across Twitch, YouTube and Tiktok.

Surfnboy is one of their more popular streamers, with 481k subscribers on YouTube. He’s one of the most popular Fortnite Mobile streamers out there. SushiBAE is another Fortnite streamer from Misfits who’s equally popular on both Twitch and YouTube. Misfits also has Jay3 who’s a super popular Overwatch streamer on Twitch. The only other League of Legends content creator representing Misfits is proxyfox. She has around 75k followers on Twitch, so maybe ChimChim can take a pointer or two from her.

Which other streamer do you wish to see sign up for a tier one organization?

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