Overwatch is back with another set of Experimental Patch Notes. Although the number of heroes getting a change isn’t many in number, the changes themselves are pretty staggering. The Patch mostly targets a few tank heroes that have been over or underperforming in the game.

Experimental Mode

The Mode allows Overwatch players to try out the new updates on their heroes (and game modes) before they are actually implemented into the game. It is to be noted that these changes are not final in any way. They are tentative for now and may not be implemented in the future.

So now, let’s jump into all the changes to our favourite heroes in this round of Experimental Patch Notes.


Experimental Hero Updates


Baptiste mains might take some time to get used to this since the hero is getting the most changes in this patch. The first change for Baptiste deals with the Secondary Fire of his Biotic Launcher. The healing projectile explosion has been reduced to 50 health from 60. The direct impact of it now restores an extra 20 health.

His Immortality Shield has been nerfed. Now it will protect teammates to a minimum health threshold of 10% maximum health. Previously, it was 20%.


D.VA is getting the biggest buff in this set of Experimental Patch. The tank’s Call Mech damage is now 250, previously being only 50.


Echo’s Duplicate is getting changed up in this patch. After the Duplicate ends, she will either return to the health points she had before the ability, or attain 100 health, whichever is higher.


The cooldown on Moira’s Biotic Orb is now at 8 seconds, previously being 10 seconds.


We’re getting a cooldown change on Orisa as well. The cooldown on Halt! is now at 6 seconds which was 8 before.


Another Tank to be addressed in this patch is Reinhardt. His armour has been reduced from 250 to 200.


Roadhog mains will be abusing their Scrap Guns more often now. The damage per projectile is seeing an increase from 6 to 6.6 now.


Sombra is the final hero to be included in this patch and it’s her Stealth that is seeing changes. The fade time when entering and exiting her Stealth has been reduced to .45 seconds from .75 seconds. Her movement speed bonus has also been buffed from 50 to 60%.

How are you viewing this round of Experimental Patch Notes? Let us know in the comments below.

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